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Our Programs

Photo: N. Gulf Conservation Easement

Gopher Tortoise Conservation Team:  

Gopher tortoise surveys for permitting, plus burrow excavations.

Gopher Tortoise Berm & Forage Garden Building: 
Give a little back to the Gopher Tortoise. Build an eye appealing berm or garden in your yard while providing forage for this Threatened Species.

Get your yard certified as Gopher Tortoise friendly.

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Gopher Tortoise Team excavating burrows

Wildlife Habitat Preservation Program: 

Information about living in this unique island environment. Click here for more information about this program.

Conservation Easements: 

Preserve green space by dedicating all or part of your property to a conservation easement and enjoy tax advantages. Click here for detailed information.

Plant Survey Services: 

Plant identification survey and direction for invasive plant removal.

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council

Demonstration Gardens: 

Provides quick visual identification of native plants at ferry and firehouse gardens.

Egret on Bocilla Lagoon
See Our RESOURCES page for links to information on plants and wildlife
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