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Our Programs

Photo: N. Gulf Conservation Easement

Gopher Tortoise Conservation Team:  

Gopher tortoise surveys for permitting, plus burrow excavations.

Gopher Tortoise Berm & Forage Garden Building: 
Give a little back to the Gopher Tortoise. Build an eye appealing berm or garden in your yard while providing forage for this Threatened Species.

For more information:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Wildlife Habitat Preservation Program: 

Information about living in this unique island environment. Click here for more information about this program.

Conservation Easements: 

Preserve green space by dedicating all or part of your property to a conservation easement and enjoy tax advantages. Click here for detailed information.

Plant Survey Services: 

Plant identification survey and direction for invasive plant removal.

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council

Demonstration Gardens: 

Provides quick visual identification of native plants at ferry and firehouse gardens.

Egret on Bocilla Lagoon
See Our RESOURCES page for links to information on plants and wildlife