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Together We Have Accomplished

140 N. Gulf Blvd. 
Gopher Tortoise
Dune Daisy
Dune Daisy
Clearing Invasives
  • Acquired Conservation Parcels

    • 21 Cole Place, Don Pedro Island

    • 26 Palm Drive &  28 Palm Drive, Knight Island

    • 140 North Gulf Blvd, Knight Island

    • 160 Gasparilla Way, Don Pedro Island

    • 30 Palm Drive, Knight Island

    • 2019 Christine Way (The Preserve)

    • 181 Bocilla Drive, Don Pedro Island

    •  30 Bocilla Drive Don Pedro Island

    • Thornton Key Property (fully donated)

  • Received pledges in excess of 2 million dollars for future acquisition

  • Received multiple grants for projects and programs fulfilling our goals

  • Gained support of local business, residents, county and community services

  • Assembled exceptional volunteers with a broad range of talents

  • Participated in professional educational seminars 

  • Created/Distributed resident informational packets

  • Built and Managed Demonstration Gardens

  • Created Wildlife Habitat Preservation Program

  • Developed an Adopt-A-Tree and Plant Sharing Program

  • Provided Plant Inventory and Survey Services

  • Removed Invasive Species

  • Maintained Gopher Tortoise Conservation Team – FFWC # RAG 17-00047

  • Built Gopher Tortoise Berm & Forage Gardens

  • Held successful fundraising promotions and events

  • Created numerous educational conservation programs

  • Provided protection, preservation, and maintenance of native habitat.

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