Photo: Conservation Easement Palm Drive

On Friday, December 11, a group of volunteers met to give the gift of their time and energy to a variety of Conservancy projects and also donated a carload of food items and over $500 dollars in contributions for the St. David's Food Pantry in Englewood. 

The group dug holes and set pilings to protect the lot at the corner of Bocilla and Kettle Harbor.Golf cart traffic through the lot was destroying the vegetation and wildlife habitats there. They also planted a variety of native plants along the roadside easements on Kettle Harbor. The Gnome Garden at our Environmental Education Park on Gasparilla Way was spruced up with new paint and a donated bench was painted with a sunset graphic. Weeds were pulled and plants were trimmed.The "Slow Down" Gopher Tortoise crossing sign on North Gulf Blvd. was also repainted.

Thank you to our awesome volunteers. See them at work in these pictures.

On November 21, a safe, socially distanced event was enjoyed by supporters of the Bocilla Islands Conservancy. Participants tried to draw a winning poker hand by traveling to 4 stops around the island. Each stop was a different themed area hosted by Island residents. Take-away refreshments were available at each stop. The event culminated in a golf cart drive-in prize area where winners were announced. Approximately $7,000 in proceeds from ticket sales and purchases will help support on-going projects of the Bocilla Islands Conservancy.

Photos of the Event

Mike Riley gets the registrations and tickets in order

Did You Know?

Bocilla Islands Conservancy has

published it's own children's book,

How the No, No, Gnome Forrest Came to Be.

The book in an introduction to

invasive plant species that change the

ecosystem and harm the environment.

It was written and illustrated by children

who love the island.

If you haven't purchased your copy,

or if you would like additional copies,

you can email your order to:


Books are $10 each.

Congratulations to the Conservancy for recently being awarded the following prestigious grants :

Dale and Patsy Hosman Foundation $5,000

William G. and Marie Selby Foundation $20,000

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